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Meeting School is the world's only online educational marketplace dedicated to making it easy for teams to run successful meetings every day. Course instructors include meeting experts from around the world. Each course is available for direct enrollment online or can be integrated into your organization's internal learning environment.

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Fix-Our-Meetings Quickstart

This program is for teams who know they need to run better meetings and want a fast, effective way to get started. If you've tried to improve meetings in the past, only to have your good efforts fizzle away, or if you know you need to do something about your meetings but you don't know where to start, then this program is for you.

Oh, and it's fun. Who says working on meetings has to be boring?

A Quickstart includes:

  • Half to Full Day Onsite Workshop
    Get your whole team involved in changing your meetings for the better in a fun, inspiring workshop tailored for your organization.
  • Essential Skills for Effective Meetings
    Build on the momentum created in the workshop and ensure your team has the practical skills they need to get results by enrolling meeting leaders in this practical on-demand course.
  • Follow-Up Consulting
    Ask questions and get directed solutions for your unique meeting challenges from our experts in dedicated follow-up calls.

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Every workshop is customized to the needs of the client. Popular workshops include:

  • Healthy Team Meetings
    A done-for-and-with-you collaborative workshop for teams of 12 to 20 people. Teams learn the essential elements of great meetings, then work together to design the meeting standards they'll adopt going forward using our simple meeting design process.
  • Leading Team Meetings That Work
    A workshop for team leaders and those in charge of leading internal meetings. Meeting leaders learn the essential elements of great meetings, then work in small groups to design and refine strategies they can each take back to their individual team's meetings.
  • Meeting Operating System Design
    Our most comprehensive and intensive workshop, this workshop introduces leaders and business process professionals to the core elements of effective meetings, the taxonomy of business meetings, and how to design a system of related meetings to achieve business goals. Participants walk away with strategies for immediate application in their current business meetings, and extensive resources for implementing a high-performing meeting operating system in their organizations.

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