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Bring meeting excellence to your organization.

"Finally! Someone has done the deep hard work to figure out meetings.
Thank goodness!"
- A. Webster.

Struggling to overcome an entrenched habit of ineffective, frustrating, and costly meetings in your organization?

We can help.

We make it easy for teams to run successful meetings every day.

Our Expertise Helped Teams Take Control of Their Meetings In
47+ Countries and 5,000+ Organizations

It begins with a vision of success.

You can't get a positive result starting from a negative belief.
You have to know what success looks like to achieve it.

After years researching great meetings at high-performing organizations, digging deep into what it takes to develop a successful meeting habit,

Where the Action Is: The Meetings That Make or Break Your Success

We wrote the standard.

Our book and the Meeting Performance Maturity Model describe five levels of meeting success.

Achieving higher levels of meeting performance:

  • Strengthens your employee engagement and retention
  • Builds team and cultural alignment
  • Drives productivity
  • Gives your teams a competitive edge

Oh, and you'll have more fun at work too.

Today, we work with leaders from organizations big and small, across sectors, and all over the world to bring successful meetings to their teams.

Our Products and Services


Benchmark your meeting performance and create a targeted strategy for improvement. Learn where to take instant action and how to best use meetings to create a long-term competitive advantage in your industry.

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Workshops and online courses teach your leaders and employees the skills they need to design, lead, and participate in successful meetings. Develop successful habits whether you're all together, all around the world, or some combination.

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Our industry-leading software scales meeting excellence, makes results tangible, and measures performance. Meeting management software puts best practices for before, during, and after every meeting at your team's fingertips.

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We share our hard-won expertise in press interviews, in guest lectures, and by consulting for companies developing meeting solutions. When people need to understand what makes business meetings work, they turn to us.

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How We Work

Just like teams running successful meetings, we succeed by collaborating well with others.

From our regular technology showcase webinars, to our publications, to our intensive work with clients, we gratefully connect organizations with a growing international expert community.

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