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Ingrid Bens

Ingrid Bens is a consultant and trainer with a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and over 25 years experience as a professional facilitator. As a consultant with expertise in Organization Development, Ingrid has designed and lead numerous large-scale strategic change efforts for Fortune 500 companies, government departments and non-profit organizations.

Ingrid is recognized as a leading expert on facilitation skills. Her book Facilitating With Ease! is a worldwide best seller. Her other books include Facilitation at a Glance!, Advanced Facilitation Strategies and Facilitating to Lead. She is also the author of the “Facilitation Skills Inventory” (FSI), an instrument to assess facilitator competency.

Over the last two decades, Ingrid has trained thousands of people to be facilitators through her popular workshops. Recently, Ingrid created the first and only online facilitation skills course in existence. This program covers the essential core practices at the heart of facilitation through lectures and video taped demonstrations.

Ingrid’s latest book, Facilitation Techniques for Consultants, provides detailed templates that bring structure to the essential conversations that all consultants need to be able to facilitate.

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