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What are Meeting Roles?

There are several roles different participants might have in a meeting. Some roles are officially appointed, some assigned on a per-meeting basis, and others simply assumed during the meeting without discussion.

Formal meetings, such as board meetings, may have people participating as:

  • the Chair,
  • the Secretary,
  • Voting Members,
  • Non-Voting Member participants,
  • Guest Presenters,
  • and Observers.

Structured meetings and workshops may have people assigned to act as:

  • Sponsors or Champions,
  • the Facilitator,
  • a Recorder (or Note Taker),
  • a Time Keeper,
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs),
  • Guests,
  • and Participants.

Business meetings where roles are not explicitly assigned or discussed will still have a meeting Organizer, a Leader, and Participants.

Note that "person who just sits in the corner and diddles around on his phone" is not considered an appropriate role for someone to take on in a meeting.

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