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We believe in creating an inclusive space where everyone can meet and collaborate. We strive to make our website and software accessible to the widest possible audience. Therefore, we have made a commitment to provide a highly usable experience for everyone, regardless of physical abilities.

Any user who requires an assistive technology, keyboard-only navigation, or accommodations for low vision can use Lucid Meetings. This is a benefit for all users because it makes our website and software easier to use.

As a baseline, we rigidly adhere to accessibility guidelines such as the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), WAI-ARIA, and Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act. In addition to thorough adherence to these standards, we go above and beyond to make sure all audiences can use our functionality to its fullest. Full keyboard access, intelligent alternative text, focus management and more ensure equal access to your meetings for all participants.

Every attempt has been made to meet the above specifications. However, if you should run into difficulties in this area on our website or using our software, please contact us via this support portal.

To Save You Time: Lucid Meetings is not a good choice for running webinars.

We get a lot of requests from people looking for an accessible option for hosting webinars, large online training sessions, and similar events. Lucid Meetings is designed for working business meetings—the kind where a group makes decisions together and you write down notes and next steps—and not for large group presentations. 

We have heard people use WebEx and Adobe Connect to host accessible events. We don't use either product so have no direct experience with which to make a recommendation; your mileage may vary.

Looking for More Detail?

Download our VPAT statement.