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Each meeting has a group chat box. Unlike the notes and action items, which only note takers can enter and which are part of the exported meeting record, everyone can use the chat.

Screenshot: Group Chat in a meetingGroup Chat, in a meeting

We use chat to:

  • Ask a quick question.
  • Communicate about people who are delayed or have to leave early.
  • Communicate while troubleshooting a participant's audio problem.
  • Send comments which don't belong in the record but which supplement the discussion.
  • Send a private chat comment to a single participant. See screenshot below. Note: private chat is not stored in the meeting log; only group chat is recorded.

You can use chat to catch someone's attention by typing @ followed by the person's first name (see above screenshot). Any message addressed this way will be highlighted in that person's browser. 

For example, I might type "@john please add that presentation" to send a quick note that will highlight in John's browser. Typing "@all" will highlight the message for everyone.

You can also use emoticons (you know, smileys!) in chat messages. We're especially fond of the pirate.