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You must be a meeting facilitator or a room manager to access these features.

To add a new person to an existing meeting series:

  1. Go to the first meeting in the series that you want the new person to attend. For example, if you want them to start joining meetings next week, go to next week's meeting.
  2. Click the "More" tab, then scroll down and click "Edit series attendees."

    Screenshot: the More tab on a meeting home page, showing the location of "Edit series attendees" in the "Manage the meeting series" sectionScreenshot: the Edit series attendees link

  3. Click the "Add more people button", then select people from your meeting room or enter their email address to add them to the meeting series. New people will be on the invite list for that meeting and all those that follow.

To remove a person from a meeting series:

  1. Go to the first meeting in the series from which you want to disinvite this person.
  2. Click the More tab, then scroll down and click Edit series attendees.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow under the Actions column across from this person’s name.
  4. Select Remove attendee from the drop-down list and confirm that you want them removed.

    Screenshot: The row for a single attendee on the meeting series attendees page, with the Actions menu opened showing options Change role, Send invitation, Remove attendee, ContactScreenshot: the options for managing a person invited to a meeting series

Tip: you will also find options to change a person’s meeting role, send them a new invitation, or contact them in this Actions list.