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Asking participants to rate meetings and provide constructive feedback helps improve an organization's meetings in two ways. 

First, any constructive feedback that can be used to improve future meetings is obviously helpful. Second, simply asking the question sends a message about the importance of meeting quality to your organization, letting everyone know that holding excellent meetings that don't waste people's time is an expectation and valuable part of your organizational culture.

The Meeting Rating Form

The meeting rating form asks participants three questions:

  • Was this meeting a good use of time?
    Participants then select one of the following ratings. 
    1. Excellent: Wow! I'm really glad we had this meeting.
    2. Positive: I felt good about spending time on this.
    3. Break-even: The meeting was OK. It was an acceptable use of time.
    4. Negative: The time would have been better spent on other tasks.
    5. Worthless: The meeting was a complete waste of time.
  • What worked well during this meeting?
    Participants enter comments.
  • What could be done to improve your rating for future meetings?
    Participants enter comments.

People attending a meeting will see the rating form when the meeting is ended by the facilitator, and they will see links to rate meetings they haven't already rated on the dashboard. Each participant can elect to skip the form; they do not have to rate the meeting or provide feedback. The feedback report stores all responses anonymously, to encourage more people to provide constructive input.

The meeting rating form stays open for feedback until all participants have rated the meeting, or 96 hours after the meeting ends, whichever comes first. When the rating form closes and meeting feedback was received, meeting facilitators get an email with a link to view the report online.

Screenshot: Meeting ratings and feedback shown after the meeting

Meeting feedback report showing anonymous responses


By default, each meeting room has meeting ratings turned on with results visible to meeting facilitators and managers only. You can change these default settings in the meeting room, and you can turn the survey on or off for specific meetings. Meeting templates may also specify a setting for meeting ratings.

To change meeting rating settings for a room:

  1. Click the room name in the navigation, then click the Settings tab.
  2. Click the link to Edit report settings
  3. Edit the report settings as desired then click Save.

The new settings will impact all meetings created from that point on, but do not change the settings for existing meetings.

To change the meeting rating settings for a specific meeting:

  1. Navigate to the meeting home and click the Settings tab.
  2. Click the button to Edit settings
  3. Scroll to the Meeting Report section and change the options as desired, then click Save.