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Motions let teams quickly vote on issues, definitively establishing consensus and bypassing unnecessary discussion. 

Lucid Meetings motions are designed to be fast and simple, similar to the types of motions that come up in formal meetings. As such, each motion can be voted either up or down using standard In Favor, Opposed, or Abstain voting options, then marked by a facilitator as either passed or failed. All motions are recorded in the meeting transcript.

To put a motion to vote:

  1. During your meeting, click Add Motion, enter the proposed motion text, then click Save.
    Everyone attending the meeting can see the proposed motion text. Only meeting facilitators can add new motions.
  2. Click Discuss/Vote to the right of the motion text.
    This brings the motion up as the main focus of the meeting.
  3. Once ready, click Open online vote to give participants the option to vote online.
    Alternatively, if this is a quick verbal vote, you can simply mark the vote result using the Record verbal vote button.
  4. Cast your vote and confirm that everyone has voted.
  5. Use the Record Online Result button to record the result (Pass unanimously, Pass, Fail, Dismissed).

Facilitators can also record votes on behalf of other attendees, making it possible to record votes when in a face-to-face meeting or when some attendees are participating only by audio. 

This makes it possible for facilitators to see how each participant casts their vote. Everyone else will see the vote tally as it builds, but will not see the details of who voted how.

Screenshot: Facilitator's view of a vote in progress

Facilitator's view of a vote in progress

How to show votes on motions:

By default, how attendees vote is not shown to other attendees. However, a facilitator can decide to show votes on motions (how the vote went) and/or who voted how (each attendee's vote). To show each attendee's vote during a meeting, you'll want to change the settings of that meeting.

  1. Click Settings tab on the Meeting Home page.
  2. Click on the "Disabled" text to change the settings beside Show votes on motions and/or Show who entered votes and click Save.
  3. Alternatively, select "Edit Settings" to change the visibility of votes and/or attendees votes.

Once the settings are changed, the votes will show up in the meeting:

Screenshot: Results of a motion displayed in a meeting, showing vote count and who voted In Favor, Opposed, and Abstain

Showing how people voted on a motion AND specific attendees' votes