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December 20, 2016 - version 2.16.65 - Bug fixes and minor improvements

Translation files are prepped and out for translation, so that's cool. Mostly bug fixes here, with a bit functionality to help new users find their way to useful resources.


  • Update, bundle, clean up outgoing translations
  • Correct the list of Turbobridge numbers in invitations -- respect the toll-free flag
  • Minor text improvements (removing display when not audience appropriate)
  • Add some help to make it easier to test support for computer audio.
  • Bug fix for bulk upload to remove duplicate roles during role mapping.
  • Add some info links to user profiles.
  • Move a few help links on the user account page.

December 5, 2016 - version 2.16.64 - New feature for sending invitations during bulk upload of people

We're fleshing out the bulk upload for members with the ability to either send bulk room invitations during or after the upload process. This is mainly for admins doing bulk upload of contacts into Lucid via spreadsheet. Also working through the translation updates.


  • Option to send invitation during room member bulk upload
  • New functionality to send bulk invitations to room members
  • New drop menu for rooms (like meetings; next to the title)
  • Some minor text updates here and there

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December 2, 2016 - version 2.16.63 - Bug fixes and minor improvements

This is a minor update, continuing the theme of "Fix it! Just... fix it!"


  • Show/Hide talking indicators when meeting bridge is changed
  • Work to prep for French and Spanish translation updates (yay!)
  • Let the facilitator switch to "no audio" within a running meeting

... and of course a bunch of template & config stuff.

November 23, 2016 - version 2.16.56 - Bug fixes and minor improvements

We're continuing our focus on crushing the little nagging issues that drive us batty. You know, those things you look at and think "some day I'll get around to it!"  Today, well all the todays of this month and next are "that day."


  • Adds room roster download and spreadsheet upload
  • Let managers download meeting attendees with RSVP info
  • Correct sorting of org/room list in get template menu (case 10139)
  • Use 0-padded month in date, for easy sorting (case 10138)
  • Show names of people talking when using a Lucid bridge
  • Update the Lucid SSL cert
  • Reduce the talking indicator delay from 2s to 1s
  • Remove phone numbers from the location field in ICS

October 25, 2016 - version 2.16.51 - Improvements to WebRTC (computer) audio

With this minor update we're continuing our work to improve the quality of WebRTC audio. We're also extending the Supported Browser's page to include a "test my audio" function.


  • Use Twilio's NAT Traversal (STUN/TURN) service for WebRTC connections (browser uses only if needed)
  • Add the "test call" button to /browser_support page

October 18, 2016 - version 2.16.50 - Bug fixes and minor improvements

This is a minor update to improve the quality of the WebRTC audio bridge for users behind a firewall, connected via VPN. Our key learning: we need to provide fallbacks for both STUN and TURN. It's complicated and jargonistic (is that a word?), but also important.

  • Updates to the turbobridge test page so we can see whether the Twilio or Xirsys TURN server solves VPN users' problems
  • Addition of STUN servers to the webcall configuration in meetings (may help someone)
  • A fix to make RSVP email notifications go to facilitators who've requested them