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December 16, 2021: Minor tweaks (release 2.23.04)

This release fixes a few minor things that have been on the back burner for awhile, including: 

  • In the meeting preparation report, count notes people add prior to a meeting's start as "contributions to the agenda." This will take effect for contributions made after the release.
  • Add a fix for upside-down emoticons in Arabic, in the chat panel.

December 9, 2021: Miscellaneous feature tweaks (release 2.23.03)

  • Add an option for an organization owner or administrator to move (rather than copy) a meeting template from a room within the organization to the organization's level. 

  • When removing a person from a room, we now ensure that we delete any meetings for which that person is the sole facilitator. The "Remove" dialog will warn you if any meetings will be affected. 

  • Cleaned up the forms for creating or editing a meeting template at the organization or room level, removing some options that are useful only for the site-wide template gallery.

December 5, 2021: Minor maintenance (releases 2.23.01, 2.23.02)

This release added a few things for the site administrators (us!) and some code cleanup.

The only potentially user-visible change is that for users of the Google Chrome extension, we are now forcing a refresh of the user's Google calendar list if it has not been updated in the past week. This will allow the tool to recover if at some point an incomplete list of calendars is cached on our side -- which could result in the "Make it a Lucid Meeting" option being absent on some events that should have it. 

November 26, 2021: New Agenda Editor (beta), additional rich-text support (release 2.23.0)

  • New Agenda Editor interface; agenda editors may switch between the "classic" (original) and "beta" versions. We welcome your feedback! 
  • We've enabled some additional features in rich-text fields. You can now add links and media embeds (e.g., videos and "cards") from sites that support embedding. These features are available in some, but not all, contexts. 

November 17, 2021: Bug fixes (release 2.22.21) 

  • More corrections to "linkified" text -- last fix resulted in some URLs being rendered with an additional copy of the final character. 
  • Detect Microsoft Teams URLs in custom audio and render them with the text "Microsoft Teams"
  • When deleting a folder, don't log errors for already-deleted contents. 

November 10, 2021: Bug fixes (release 2.22.20)

  • Fix the "extra h" problem in linkified text, and also a dropped character after a link. 

  • Minor fixes to smart list open/close behavior

November 3, 2021: Bug fixes (release 2.22.19)

  • Corrected a bug in transcript rendering for smart list presentations.

  • Fix a bug where smart lists contents would be hidden after an attendee's call state (e.g., muted/unmuted) changed.

  • CKEditor css tweaks for dark mode in Firefox.

  • Fix a bug that caused Chrome 95 to crash/hang when saving a note in a meeting. (Formalizes a hot patch performed on October 27).

October 26, 2021: Maintenance, update SSL certificate (release 2.22.18)

This release installs an updated (renewal) SSL certificate on meet.lucidmeetings.com, and corrects a syntax error that broke the browser support page. 

October 6, 2021: Update Knowledge Base (release 2.22.17)

Updates the "Contact Support" form and the links to knowledge base articles that appear on some Lucid Meetings pages. (We've switched to a new knowledge base platform.)

September 29, 2021: Bug fixes and minor RSVP improvements (releases 2.22.15 and 2.22.16)

Today's update includes a couple of improvements to how we handle RSVPs we receive from other calendar applications: 

  • Fixed a bug that caused Lucid Meetings to fail to process RSVPs with "Windows" time zone names for meetings in meeting series.
  • Lucid will now send email to the facilitator(s) when it can identify the meeting series the RSVP is for, but not the specific meeting, giving the facilitator a chance to follow up. (The usual cause of this is that meetings in the series have been rescheduled, but the responder's calendar is out of synch. Meetings in a series are identified by series ID and start time.) 

Other bug fixes and minor improvements: 

  • Add support for testing getClicky analytics (potential less-invasive replacement for Google analytics)
  • Fix a bug in rendering an action item on the /todos page after untagging it
  • Additional bug fixes that are unlikely to be user-visible.

June-September 2021: Multiple releases up to version 2.22.14

Hello! We've neglected to post updates for a few months. This post will bring you up to date. This summer's updates have primarily been bug fixes. 

June 24, version 2.22.07

  • Improve management of agenda item ordering; eliminates a few conditions that could lead to items being mis-ordered or refusing to move.
  • Add a warning to the document uploader (from local computer) that only 20 files can be uploaded at a time. Previously, an upload of more than 20 files would fail, but would appear to hang.
  • Fix a bug wherein motions added to sub-items in an agenda would appear both in the sub-item and its parent (and ancestors).
  • Make the HTML Ids for inline tag and member fields unique. No known user impact; maybe the accessibility labels weren't helpful with duplicate IDs.

June 30, version 2.22.08

  • Back-end maintenance.

July 8, version 2.22.09

  • Client-side maintenance, mostly updates of javascript libraries. 

July 19, version 2.22.11

  • Fix the bug wherein you would save a note in a meeting, and the actions menu would not appear next to it. Also restores the linkifying of URLs in notes.
  • There was no 2.22.10 release. 

August 17, version 2.22.12

  • Fix a socket.io configuration issue that was causing a lot of browser console warnings in Chrome since the 2.22.09 release. Might have been impacting performance.
  • Improve the linkifying of URLs. 

September 14, versions 2.22.13 and 2.22.14

Bug fixes for the Stormz integration: 

  • Correctly filter list of workshops to those that are active and that you facilitate
  • Limit attempts to retrieve the access code for a workshop to two cases: when the workshop is added to a meeting, and when an agenda item containing the workshop becomes current in a running meeting.
  • Change the presentation mode for Stormz workshops from an embedded IFrame to a new window/tab. Chrome (and probably some other browsers) no longer play happily with Stormz' authentication within an embedded iFrame. 
  • Add a workaround for the Basecamp integration for a Basecamp 3 user who has client access to a project, rather than team member access to an account.

June 3, 2021 - Bug fixes and a small enhancement to smart lists (version 2.22.06)

Yesterday we rolled out some bug fixes and a small improvement to smart lists.

New feature: 

Smart lists that specify "closed action items" can now specify items that were closed within a specific number of days before the meeting the list is in. (Previously, you could specify "closed since" with a specific prior meeting.) The "Days before" option works well with lists in meeting templates. 

A typical use of this option would be to show action items closed in the past week (closed since 7 days before the meeting) in a weekly status meeting.

Bug fixes: 

  • Restored list of prior meetings for selection as a "since" option in smart lists (this bug was introduced in 2.22.05)
  • Some "loading" icons weren't spinning, and now they do. 

June 2, 2021 - Streamlined meeting records, rich text editor improvements, bug fixes (version 2.22.05)

We've rolled out a few updates over the past few weeks, including: 

Meeting records (exports) are cleaner and more configurable:

We've added some options to the meeting record export so you can get what works best for you. You can now selectively choose the following when you use the "Export" button on the meeting home page: 

  • People who attended
  • People who did not attend (Regrets)
  • Company names in attendance record
  • List of decisions created in the meeting
  • List of action items created in the meeting
  • Full meeting record (agenda and minutes merged)
  • Note-takers names and timestamps
  • Tags
  • Reference documents
  • Smart list contents
  • Chat record
  • Log

These changes were prompted, of course, by requests to omit specific information from the record (for example, regrets), and to reduce repetition (action items at the top of the record as well as in the full agenda). 

One change to the format of exports is that action items are no longer formatted in tables. An unfortunate aspect of the tabular format was a hard limit on line length within table cells, which often broke URLs within action items. 

Rich text editor improvements:

The rich text editor now supports emojis (pickable from a menu), links, and embeds. (Some of these features are not available in the context of a running meeting.) 

Bug fixes: 

  • In some cases, we would present an editable field to a user who didn't have permission to edit a note -- inviting the user to make changes that would not be saved. This was mainly seen in notes in Smart lists within running meetings. This has been fixed. 
  • Fix a bug in the attendance download that was limiting the number of meetings to 25. 
  • Added visibility of server-side and network errors to many client-side actions that were missing it. There were a number of places where you could make a change, and if we were unable to save your change, you wouldn't see that right away. Many of these have been corrected and will produce a warning dialog. 

April 23, 2021 - Icon/glyphs are now SVGs, Notes and AIs in meeting templates, bug fixes (version 2.21.14)

Lucid Meetings' latest release includes: 

Icons are now SVGs

We've replace our longstanding font-based icons with SVG graphics. Most of you will experience this as a subtly different look to some of the icons, but we know that for a subset of our customers this will be a big improvement, as some of your IT departments were blocking the web fonts needed for the old approach. 

Meeting templates can now include notes and action items

You can now add action items and notes to your meeting templates. (This feature was actually rolled out quietly at the end of March.)

Bug fixes

  • Increased memory for the search index. Fixes an issue causing some searches to fail.
  • Disallow setting the start time for a meeting (or meeting series) to a date prior to 1/1/1970. We believe it's unlikely anyone would intend to add historical meetings of that age to Lucid Meetings, and page requests for meeting series that start in the distant past are unacceptably slow due to the computations required. 

March 20, 2021 - Better UTF-8 support and other new features (version 2.21.10)

Hi all, 

Our latest batch of updates includes several new features, including an important improvement to how we store character data. 

UTF-8 Support: More emoji, full CJK character set

This is an issue that you won't be aware of unless you happened to enter certain characters into Lucid Meetings, but if you did, it was pretty important! Most of our software already supported the full UTF-8 character set, but our database used a subset of UTF-8, the "Basic Multilingual Plane," or "BMP," for storage. 

Characters beyond the BMP "include less common CJK characters, various historic scripts, mathematical symbols, and emoji (pictographic symbols)." (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UTF-8The unfortunate effect of our database limitation was that if you used one of these characters in text you entered into Lucid Meetings, the stored text would be cut off. 

With today's upgrade, the full character set is supported and you can express yourself more fully!

Agenda items can contain multiple smart lists

We've removed the restriction of one smart list per agenda item. Along with this change, facilitators can now "Play" a smart list during a meeting, similar to presenting a document. 

Make the start date for "Edit Series Template" more explicit to the user

Previously, this action refreshed the agenda for all pending meetings in the series. Now, users will have the option of applying the changes to all pending meetings, or to pending meetings starting with the one they were viewing when they chose "Edit Series Template." Often the two cases are identical, but when they were not, the previous behavior could lead to the unpleasant surprise of overwriting the agenda of a meeting you didn't intend to change.

Other tweaks and bug fixes

  • Reduce the number of checks for account in good standing to make the UI more consistent.
  • Improve the display of multiple action items in the meeting record.
  • Fix the weekly reminder email to handle the user-specific timezone.
  • Offer to send cancellation email when removing a single attendee (helps keep calendars in sync).
  • Remove an error message line that was incorrect.
  • Fix a blocking error in Confluence integration setup page.
  • Restore the time zone display on meeting times.
  • Dashboard tweak to add a link to the meeting that wants to be started.
  • Update in-meeting document viewer to latest Box previewer version.

January 24, 2021 - New year refresh


This is a quick update to capture some work in progress to simplify and streamline how people Get Things Done in Lucid Meetings. A few bug fixes, as usual, but mostly rearranging and simplifying interactions to bring more joy to your day!

And here's a high level list:

  • Add a new in-meeting panel to show the agenda, purpose, and desired outcomesn
  • New dashboard layout to bring forward more actionable info, in a more condensed format
  • Simplification of user meeting records to simplify the default display
  • Work to encourage users to enter purpose and desired outcomes
  • Add the ability to refresh the agenda for a meeting series instance from the previous
  • Simplify the daily and weekly reminder email
  • Provide daily reminders for open action items, independent of whether there are meetings that day
  • Various bug fixes and minor enhancements

January 9, 2021 - version 2.21.01 - Ongoing maintenance and feature updates

In response to recent confusion on the part of multiple users, we've limited the ability of a users to create new organizations: Users who already belong to an organization will no longer be offered the ability to create another. (Users were erroneously creating new organizations when what they really needed were changes to their permissions in their current organization.) 

This release also includes some updates to streamline maintenance activities.  

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