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Diagnostic Tools

Meeting Culture: How to Achieve Meeting Performance Excellence

Review your meeting performance and drive change! The way teams meet has a huge impact on their success. Are your meetings working for your team? Use this Coda doc to review your current meeting culture and begin the conversation with your team. Try It Now! or Read the blog post

Meetings in Your Organization: A Short Quiz

Take this brief quiz to get a taste of what's relevant to meeting performance. Only 5 short questions, but you'll see how your answers correlate to others who've taken the quiz. After this you may be ready for a deeper dive via the survey, below.

Organizational Meeting Performance Survey

Take this comprehensive diagnostic survey to get a preliminary assessment of your organization’s meeting performance maturity. The questionnaire is based on the Meeting Performance Maturity Model v1.1. Organizations use this survey as one part of a full meeting performance diagnostic. When you take the survey you'll get a beautiful set of charts showing you exactly how you stack up. Take the Survey Now or click here to learn more about the diagnostic

Meeting Cost and ROI Calculators

Monthly Organizational Costs

This simple calculator shows what you're spending in people's time on meetings now, and what the savings would be if you can shorten your meetings by 5 minutes, invite one fewer person, or simply hold one less meeting. The accompanying blog post shows how all of these improvements are readily achievable by groups with access to effective meeting training and tools. Try It Now! or Read the blog post

Meeting Cost vs. Value Received

This calculator explores the cost-to-value impact of a meeting based on the average meeting grade assessed by participants. The rationale: a meeting that everyone ranks as extremely helpful saves time and money by making sure that people have clear next steps and no roadblocks. On the other hand, if the meeting drags and doesn't reach any strong conclusions, the team loses the time spent in that meeting and also pays an added penalty for interrupting people's work. Try It Now! or Read the blog post

Monthly Organizational Costs

Do you enjoy playing with numbers? Then you'll love this - behold the Total Meeting Costs Calculator. This beauty helps you see the cost savings you can gain by optimizing both the software costs and by implementing basic meeting best practices. Number-loving friends, you're welcome. For the rest of you, the conclusion is this: if you want to manage the costs associated with your team meetings, you should address your software costs, but the savings to be gained pale in comparison to the gains made by improving the efficiency with which you run those meetings. Try It Now! or Read the blog post

Meeting Software Costs

To help you make software pricing comparisons, we put together this handy dandy pricing comparison calculator based on the published retail prices of Lucid Meetings. Sliders show how the costs change as you increase the number of hosts, callers, meetings, etc, and they're just darn fun to play with. Give it a whirl, share with a friend, and let us know what you think. Did we miss something? Is there another vendor we should include? We'd love to hear from you. Try It Now! or Read the blog post