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Betty Johnson, PhD

Betty Johnson, PhD

Betty Johnson, Ph.D., has 30 years’ leadership and change consulting experience.

The firm she founded in 2010, Bridging the Difference® LLC, serves clients that include private, public, and non-profit leaders and their teams.

As president of the firm, Betty helps leaders recognize the behavior-goal misalignments that impede their success and shows them how to bridge the difference to get extraordinary results. Her company’s proprietary methods are grounded in scientific research, and all demonstrate measurable results.

Betty is in high demand as a facilitator, executive coach, and speaker, particularly in the areas of team effectiveness, influence, and DE&I. She is also a professor at NYU. Her current research addresses how dignity at work influences business outcomes. Click here for more about Betty Johnson.

To get regular insights on building performance and relationships, follow Betty on LinkedIn, check out her blog, and subscribe to her monthly Get It Done Together newsletter.


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