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Note takers can tag a note as a Decision, Issue, Parking Lot item, or with any other tag that helps organize notes for use later.

When you click to add a Decision, Issue, or Parking Lot item in a meeting, this creates a new note with that tag automatically set. These three tags are built into Lucid to make them easier to apply, since they are regularly used across many types of working meetings.

Beyond a bit of color-coding and these quick-add buttons, though, these tags work the same way as all other tagged notes.

Adding Tags to Notes

To add a new Decision, Issue, or Parking Lot item:

  1. As a Note taker in a meeting, click the desired button at the bottom of the notes area.
  2. Enter the note text and hit save.

    Screenshot of tagged notesSaved notes tagged Decision, Issue, and Parking Lot

To change a note to a Decision, Issue, or Parking Lot item:

  1. Click on a note to make it editable, then click the drop-down and select Add tag.

    Screenshot: a note with the Actions menu expanded and "Add tags" highlightedThe tag drop-down pre-fills with tags you've used before

  2. Begin typing. You will automatically see a list of existing tags that match your text. Click or hit Enter to select the desired tag.

    Screenshot: a tag field with the letters "De" typed and a set of auto-completion options starting with "Decision" displayedMost tags have one or two words

  3. Save the note.

To create a new tag:

  1. Click to add or edit a note.
  2. Click Add tag. Enter the new tag. Tags can be one or more words.
  3. Click away or hit Enter to save your new tag.

Reviewing Tagged Notes

After your meeting, you can review tagged notes in several places.

In the meeting record

Tags appear in the online meeting record.

Screenshot: a portion of the Notes tab of a completed meeting, showing notes with tags

Tagged notes in the online meeting record

Decisions get special treatment in the follow-up email and meeting exports. These versions of the meeting record automatically summarize all decisions at the top of the record, just above the table showing all action items created in the meeting.

A meeting record, showing a list of Decisions in the first section

Decisions summarized at the top of the meeting record

In a meeting

You can review tagged items in a meeting by adding one or more Smart Lists to the agenda.

Screenshot: a Smart List showing tagged notes: "Everything, tagged Parking Lot, created in this meeting"

A Smart List of Parking Lot items reviewed during the meeting closing

For example, you can review all outstanding Issues (or Parking Lot items, or whatever) by adding a Smart List configured to show “Everything” tagged “Issue”.

Learn more about working with Smart Lists.

In the meeting room

The Tags tab in a meeting room pulls out all the tagged notes from meetings held there. The newest notes appear first.

Screenshot: the Tags tab of a meeting room, calling out the Download button and the ability to filter by tag name

Tags in the meeting room. 1) the Tags tab, 2) Download tags, 3) Filter tags to see the ones you want

To focus in on specific tags, click the filter and select the tagged items you’d like see.

On your desktop

Need a report of all open issues in a project? Or want to summarize the decisions your team made in the last quarter?

Download a spreadsheet of all tagged items from the Tags tab in the meeting room. This XLS file includes these columns:

  • Tags
  • Full text of each note
  • Date added
  • Who wrote the note
  • A link to the full meeting record where this note was captured

The spreadsheet gives you the information you need to create reports or archive your important notes to another system.