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Smart Lists dynamically present records for review during your meeting.

Each Smart List shows a collection of meeting notes, action items, or both. You can choose to show items created during the current meeting, or throughout the meeting room. You can further narrow the selection by using tags or specifying a timeframe.

A Smart List showing open action items (in the current meeting room), shown in an agenda item titled "Welcome and Review Actions List"

Smart List on the Agenda, showing open Action Items

Common uses for Smart Lists include:

  • Review all open action items within your meeting room.
  • Review meeting notes tagged with Decision, Issue, Parking Lot, or any other tag you'd like to create. (ex: Prospects, Priority, etc.)
  • Near the end of a meeting, see all new action items created at during the meeting, making sure everyone understands the next steps.
  • Near the end of the meeting, review the notes taken during the meeting.

To create a Smart List:

  1. Go to the meeting and click Edit on the agenda tab.
  2. From the actions menu next to an agenda item, select Add list.

    Screenshot: Adding a Smart ListAdding a Smart List

  3. Define the list by selecting the type of records to show (everything, notes, all action items, open action items, or closed action items). You can limit action items based on their due dates or close dates, and you can limit all records based on tags or when they were last updated.
  4. Choose whether to show notes from the meeting room, from just this meeting, from a specific other meeting, or from all meetings with a certain tag.
  5. Click "Save" to finish setting up the Smart List.
  6. Click "Done editing" to finish updating the agenda.
Screenshot: Editing a Smart List

Editing a Smart List

Smart Lists are automatically updated to show the most current information available before your meeting. For example, a Smart List of open action items will be empty if all the action items are miraculously closed before the meeting begins.

You can preview the contents of your Smart List before and during the meeting on the Agenda tab; just click view list next to the Smart List. Of course, a Smart List configured to show items created during the meeting will always be very boring before that meeting begins.

Smart Lists in Meeting Records

After the meeting, you can review the Smart List content in the meeting record. When you first look at the list, you'll see the contents as of their most recent updates. For example, if you're looking at a list of Action Items, the meeting record will show up-to-date information about each Action Item, including any that have been closed after the meeting. 

If you want to see what the list looked like before or directly after the meeting, click as they are right now and choose one of the other options: as they were before meeting or as they were after the meeting.

Screenshot: Smart List in a meeting agenda post-meeting, showing an option to display the items that were in the list "as they are right now," "as they were before the meeting," or "as they were after meeting"

Smart List on an agenda - select state

When you export meeting records, you can elect to include Smart List contents. The exported meeting record will always show the most recent view of each Smart List.