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The IBM Watson integration works with Turbobridge audio to create text transcripts of calls.

We've released a new integration with IBM Watson's Speech to Text service. Users of our Turbobridge integrated audio solution can now request an audio transcript of their recorded calls with a single click. And it's incredibly inexpensive, at only 5 cents per minute, or $1.50 for a 30 minute recording.


IBM Watson appears in your Organization's Integration options

After enabling the IBM Watson Speech to Text integration, all recorded calls (prior and future) will have an option to request a transcript. The transcript process typically completes within 20-30 minutes for a typical conference call.

Screenshot: the audio tab of an adjourned meeting, showing one audio recording with start time, length of call, and links to audio recording and transcript

Meeting facilitators can manage audio recordings and transcripts on a meeting's Audio tab

The transcript is machine-generated by the IBM Watson AI service. All transcript entries are timestamped, with assignable speaker designations:

Screenshot: an entry from an IBM Watson-generated transcript, showing timestamp, speaker name, length, and what the speaker said

Sample from an IBM Watson-generated transcript