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As a meeting participant, you can:

  • Chat with other meeting participants.
  • Vote on motions or decisions.
  • View the Agenda, Log or Attendee panels.
  • Download or preview documents attached to an agenda item.

You may also have additional privileges:

Note taker: You can add notes and action items. You will see the Add note and Add action item buttons in the Notes section of the in-progress meeting.

Presenter: You can add and present documents, share your screen (if your team's subscription supports screen sharing), and edit the agenda. You may be assigned the "presenter" role for some parts of the agenda and not others.

Edit the agenda: The facilitator can set up the meeting so that any attendee can edit the agenda, regardless of whether they are a presenter.

Observing a Meeting

Observing is easy. If you are an Observer, you will see the meeting progress and can navigate the meeting tools, but otherwise you will have no other privileges. Sit back and enjoy the ride.