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March 14, 2022: Bug fixes (Release 2.23.19)

This release fixes a bug that may have prevented the daily calendar email from going out to some users today. 

March 12, 2022: Retired the "classic" agenda editor, plus bug fixes (Release 2.23.18)

We've removed the "classic" agenda editor. All users will now get the new editor (no longer beta). This release also restores the attendee info modal for non-facilitators in a meeting (click on a name in the Attendees panel and see details). 

March 5, 2022: Bug fix and new "Copy Agenda" feature

  • Added a feature that allows you replace the agenda of a meeting with a copy of one from a recent meeting in the same room. See Replacing a Meeting's Agenda.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the rich-text editor for meeting notes to render its toolbar in the wrong place when the same note was displayed in both the note-taking area and a Smart list.

March 1, 2022: Google Calendar extension bug fix

Affecting users of the Lucid Meetings Chrome extension: Fixed a bug that caused updates made in Google to not be synched to the connected Lucid Meetings meeting. This change is in the Lucid Meetings application, and does not involve an update to the Chrome extension itself. 

February 25, 2022: Efficiency improvements and a style tweak

This release changes the way we package the update notifications we send to your web browser when you're viewing a meeting, resulting in a smaller amount of data to transfer for many updates. 

We also corrected the text size of disabled items on a menu in the agenda editor.

February 23, 2022: New agenda editor becomes default (release 2.23.13)

This release makes the new ("beta") agenda editor the default, in preparation for phasing out the old editor soon. We've also fixed a couple of bugs and added a "What's New" page for announcement-worthy updates. Bug fixes: 

  • Correct the width of motion dispositions in a running meeting, when the center pane is maximized.

  • Bug fix for private chat -- we had lost the "echo" and were giving the chat sender a bogus error dialog.

February 21, 2022: Maintenance updates (release 2.23.12)

Minor changes to improve responsiveness, especially when editing a large number of agenda items.

February 5, 2022: Maintenance updates (release 2.23.11)

This release incorporates minor updates to a number of software modules we use. Just part of our regular maintenance. 

February 1, 2022: Further bug fixes for document management (releases 2.23.09-10)

This is the update that cleans up "ghost" documents in rooms where the "move meeting" function left traces behind. 

  • Move meeting now detects when it is moving the last attachment in a room that has a copy in the destination, and uses the copy. In other words, you won't wind up with two copies of a document after moving the (two or more) meetings that refer to it from one room to another.

  • Added an admin-level function to clean up folder associations for documents that were moved from one room to another. This will result in documents appearing in rooms they belong to, and will remove the nameless, dateless documents that are currently appearing on the Documents tab of some rooms.

  • Fixes a recently-noted issue that paused processing of post-meeting surveys, delaying the closing of some reports by a few hours. 

January 27, 2022: Bug fixes for document management (release 2.23.08)

  • Uploading a file (document) was creating a duplicate document in the room. (This bug was introduced to production November 26, 2021.)
  • Moving a meeting from one room to another missed the need to update what folder its documents were in, leaving "ghosts" in the old room and causing the documents not to appear in the new room. In addition, documents were moved even if they were referred to by other meetings, which would have left dangling references to them.

Both of the above bugs left artifacts in the document listings of some rooms. A future update will clean those up. 

January 25, 2022: Bug fixes, subscription signup change, minor improvements (release 2.23.06 - 2.23.07)

  • Fix a problem wherein a smart list in a meeting would persistently show "old" content if new matching content was added after the list was viewed (perhaps in the agenda pane), but while it was not currently in view.

  • Administrator features: Add code to clean out old, unstarted meetings, work on "zombie: purging and other routine cleanup activities, add a purge option on the organizations listing page.
  • Remove free-subscription as a new org signup option.

  • Use distinct heading levels for nested agenda items in meeting exports.

  • Update in-meeting Agenda Overview when it changes.

January 4, 2022: Minor tweaks (release 2.23.05)

Bug fixes, including: 

  • Exports: Make the link insertion for rich media embeds multibyte-safe

  • Fix a broken str_replace in markdown.inc

  • Close an open modal before opening the role-changed-reload modal. (This was logging an exception to the console and looked a little funny.) 

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