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Lucid Meetings reports give leaders a way to inspect the quality of meetings across the organization.

Reports are available with Business and Enterprise subscriptions.

You can find reports available for the Organization as a whole, for each room, and for each meeting.

Organization Reports

Activity by Room

What it shows

This report appears on the organization home page, and shows the number of people, meetings, documents and action items in each room. Clicking the room name or any of the bars will take you to see that information.

Who can see it

The organization owner and any administrators see counts for every room. Other team members see counts only for those rooms to which they belong.

Screenshot: the Organization home page with Overview tab open, showing the "Activity by Room" bar graph

Screenshot: the Organization home showing meeting counts and activity graphs per room

Action items

What it shows

This report appears on the organization Reports tab. It shows counts of action items across the entire organization, including open and close rates, the number of overdue action items in each room, and what percentage of action items get closed on time. Clicking a room will take you to view the action items recorded there.

Who can see it

Only the organization owner and administrators can see this report.

Screenshot: Organization home page with Reports tab open, showing "Action Items in the Past 12 Months" and "Open Action Items By Meeting Room" graphs

Screenshot: a report on all action items in an organization

Room Reports

Action items

This report appears on the room Action Items tab. Click the Report button to switch from the list of action items to the report.

What it shows

Here you'll find counts of all action items over the past year, the status of those assigned to individual team members, and what percentage of action items get closed on time by each person.

Who can see it

This report can be seen by:

  • The organization owner
  • Administrators
  • Any team member in this room
Screenshot: the Room home with "Action Items" tab open and "Report" selected, showing graphs of Open Action Items by room member, and Action Items in the Past 12 Months (truncated)

Screenshot: the action item report for a room

Meeting Report

Lucid Meetings automatically creates a meeting report for every meeting. You can find a meeting's report by visiting the meeting home, then clicking the Actions menu next to the meeting title and selecting View report.

Who can see it

Organization owners, administrators, room managers, and meeting facilitators can always see the meeting report for a meeting.

You can also allow team members and meeting guests to access this report by editing the meeting settings.

There are five sections to the meeting report, each providing information about one of the core pillars of meeting success.

  1. Preparation
  2. Time Management
  3. Participation
  4. Feedback
  5. Follow-Up

Screenshot: the meeting Feedback report, showing comments and ratings by meeting attendees

Screenshot: the Feedback section of a meeting report