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Description of the Template and Guide

Boards have many responsibilities and must abide by certain rules and formalities, but there is no one set way to run a board meeting. For every board meeting, the directors must still determine what topics to prioritize, how to manage the available time, and how to ensure the board members arrive informed and stay actively engaged throughout the call.

This meeting agenda template provides a structured approach for board meetings that puts important decisions first. Then, once the important topics have been addressed, the rest of the meeting can focus on reports and updates.

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19-page Facilitator's Guide with tips, step-by-step instructions, & resources


Agenda Overview

  1. Meeting Opening
    1. Approval of Previous Minutes and Matters Arising
  2. Matters for Decision
    1. Major Decisions
      1. Decision Item 1
    2. Routine Deicisions / Consent Agenda
  3. Reports and Discussion
    1. Chief Executive’s Report
    2. Chief Financial Officer’s Report
    3. Other matters for discussion
  4. Updates and Announcements
  5. Meeting Closing

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