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Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to extend free trials. Lucid subscriptions are designed to be cost-effective and risk free, making it safe to sign up with a credit card at trial end.

Sometimes, though, it just takes a bit longer to test out a new system and get that purchasing approval from the people in charge. We get it! If that’s your situation, never fear! 

There are two ways you can continue to explore Lucid for free before entering a credit card if you need a bit more time.

1. Use the free Personal account

After your free trial ends, your account will automatically transition to a free personal account. With this free account, you can still schedule meetings, work on agendas, take notes during meetings, and send out meeting follow-up email.

Free accounts have these limits:

  • You’re the only member
    You will be the only one who can create meetings in your Personal account. You can still invite others as guests.
  • No new meeting rooms
    Personal accounts include a single meeting room, so you won’t be able to create any new meeting rooms until you upgrade.
  • No screen sharing
    Our screen sharing is offered in partnership with Glance, which itself is not a free product. Access to screen sharing is only available to trials and paid subscriptions.
  • No dial-in integrated audio
    You can still use free audio options or your own Custom Audio, but the integrated TurboBridge audio isn’t available to free accounts.

2. Start a new trial

When your trial expires, you’ll see an option to start a new trial at the top of every page. This will begin a new 14 day trial. It will also send our team a note, so we can reach out and help make sure this new trial is extra successful for you!