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Category: Cadence Meetings

You can find an introduction to the Cadence Meetings in Chapter 16 of Where the Action Is.

Cadence meetings include meetings like day-to-day team check-ins, weekly project status meetings, One-on-Ones, and board meetings—all the regularly repeated meetings that make up the vast majority of the meetings held in the modern workplace. These meetings involve existing groups executing on known work. They maintain and shape the organization's current state.

Meeting Agenda Templates and Guides

How to run a Team Check-In and Report-Out Meeting

Elise Keith - Purpose: To ensure everyone has accurate information about what’s going on in the team, identify barriers to execution that need to be solved, and prepare updates to share with the rest of the organization. Expected Outcomes: Everyone has current information Answers to open questions Action items created for... [ more ]

Glossary of Meeting Terms

General Term

What value do your meetings create? When you improve the productivity of your meetings, you ensure your team can answer that question. You can capture that value by asking for their BLUF: Bottom Line Up Front. A BLUF...


The Write, Read, Discuss technique was popularized by Amazon as a way to replace PowerPoint presentations in meetings.a Here's what it looks like: Written Briefings: Provide detailed written reports and...