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If you are a meeting facilitator, you and your fellow facilitators can:

  • Start the meeting
  • Move the agenda forward or backward
    Click the agenda item number at the top of the screen for the item you wish to discuss. When you do so, the selected agenda item becomes the focus on everyone's screen.
  • Take notes and publish them to the transcript and the group
    Keep in mind that any notes you take will be associated with the agenda item under discussion. If you want to associate your notes with a different agenda item, you can do so by editing the note in the Log and moving it to the correct agenda item.
  • Assign action items
  • Share a document or your screen
  • Manage the conference call
    You can see when callers are talking and mute the noisy ones. You can also start and stop call recording.
  • Create a motion and put it to a vote
    You will be able to vote on behalf of participants who are on the phone but not logged in.
  • Update the agenda
    Note that any changes made will be reflected in the the main meeting area.
  • Assign Note Takers
    You can assign note taker privileges on the Attendees panel.
  • Take a Break or End the Meeting
    Remember to choose End meeting from the Meeting menu when your meeting is finished. If you've enabled the feedback form for your meeting, it will be presented to attendees when you end the meeting.
Screenshot: End the meeting (or take a break)

End the meeting (or take a break)

Basically, facilitators are in charge of making everything go. You run the show, keep the group on track, and stay on time.