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The Glossary of Meeting Terms describes terminology and acronyms related to meetings and all the activities we do in those meetings. We've gathered this information from far and wide, so enjoy! And hey — if you have corrections or additions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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People ask Questions of Curiosity to learn more about the motivations, thought processes, knowledge, and experiences behind an idea. These questions ask someone to share the experiences and stories that led them to hold their current beliefs.

Questions of Curiosity are especially useful when discussing polarized or sensitive topics, because they:

Combat bias Increase understanding Build trust Enhance inclusion and a sense of belonging De-escalate conflict Depolarize dialogue... read more

Quorum is a calculation of the minimum percentage of members who must be present at the meeting before business can be legally transacted. Formal meetings, such as board meetings and public meetings, must have a set percentage of members in attendance before they can conduct any official business. This is one reason groups take attendance at the beginning of a meeting.